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TradeJournal Beta Is Coming..

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Whoohooo! Wait, but what's that mean?

It means that the google sheets that you love (and has been refined for over 2 years), will be made into a proven cloud version. The focus will be a cleaner layout for faster data entry and more thorough statistics.

There will also two entirely new elements. A community to learn with and mentors to study from.

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Most people just Trade & Invest based on how they feel that day & 90% of traders lose money. Don't be like those people.

TradeJournal is a simple way to plan and learn from all your trades. Over time the analytics will help you develop a winning strategy that will help you become consistently profitable.

Google Sheet Templates


Google Sheet Template 2019 v1

Google Sheet Template 2018

"You can't manage what you can't measure." - Peter Drucker