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Quick Start Video

"You can't manage what you can't measure." - Peter Drucker

Step 1: Create Account

Step 2: Join & Get Active on Discord

Once inside the discord you will be brought to a 'New Student Intro' page. Leave a little intro about yourself and then explore rooms a bit to get situated.

If you feel lost don't worry. You'll find your group and groove soon enough!

Example: This is where Small Cap Gap & Go trades like to hang

Click the "Connect" button to open & join discord

Click the "Connect" button to open & join discord

Step 3: Pick Mentor/Class

You might have ended up here from Alex Winkler's YT Channel. He often discusses his Foundation Series for Day Trading Stocks (using his Slides & Checklist PDF) which is a class you can take. This is content that can be easily absorbed in 1-2 hours. Which can not only help get you caught up to speed with a popular trading strategy but also find your place in the discord.

Explore other popular mentors when you're ready.