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What McDonald's Shows About The Minimum Wage

 Bitcoin Trades Above $50,000 for First Time


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SPCX - space etf




Urban Tea, Inc.
Consumer Cyclical | Restaurants | China

80% 26mc 7f

Feb-09-21 03:26AM  
Jan-20-21 09:30AM  


WBAI [NYSE] Limited
Consumer Cyclical | Gambling | China

75% 856mc 23f

Feb-16-21 04:17AM  
Feb-09-21 02:58PM  


Socket Mobile, Inc.
Technology | Computer Hardware | USA

95% 18mc 5f

Feb-16-21 06:00AM  
Nov-18-20 06:30AM  



ALJ Regional Holdings, Inc.
Industrials | Specialty Business Services | USA

90% 60mc 18f

Feb-11-21 04:05PM  
Feb-09-21 11:35PM  



SOS Limited
Technology | Software - Infrastructure | China

30% 308mc 41f

Massive offering but overall crypto winner.

Feb-12-21 12:58AM  
Feb-09-21 12:30PM  



Sino-Global Shipping America, Ltd.
Industrials | Integrated Freight & Logistics | USA

20% 88mc 4f

Feb-11-21 04:00PM  
Feb-10-21 04:00PM  


Torchlight Energy Resources, Inc.
Energy | Oil & Gas E&P | USA

44% 322mc 73f

Feb-16-21 07:00AM  
Feb-10-21 10:55AM  








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